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We set up WebNotes on our Publications pages a couple of years ago as a new departure for the Society, aiming to provide more flexibility in the publication of material, specifically on-line, whilst respecting and retaining a traditional role for our Newsletters, which can continue as occasional rather than annual publications. We’re proud of the run of over 60 years of our Newsletters, starting way back in 1959. They are listed in full on our Publications page and we are steadily adding the most relevant and significant articles fully on-line. WebNotes can be new topics entirely but could also support some of this earlier work, by sharing new information and updating the debate, and Richard Reece did when he kicked off with an update on his detailed assessment of Cirencester’s watercourses in Newsletter 53 (April 2011).  Read one and then the other to come up to date. Our second recalls the famous composer Peter Maxwell Davies’s short but influential period of teaching in the town, which in later life he looked back upon with pleasure. Copyright in articles as always remains with the author, and the Editor is always pleased to hear from anybody suggesting a contribution. Relevance to Cirencester in some form is a pre-requisite, but otherwise the range of topics is wide. We are of course especially interested in anything which links the town’s past with present-day life and activities in Cirencester. David Viner Webnote 1 Cirencester’s Watercourses by Richard Reece October 2018 WebNote 2 Sir Peter Maxwell Davies – the Cirencester link by David Viner August 2021 (First published June 2021 in Cirencester Scene)
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