Newsletter 1970s

Most early Newsletters contain an annual report, notes and news. These do not just give a flavour of the society, but changes in the town are often mentioned. Reports of the previous season’s lectures are rare until 2005, when they became a regular feature. We thus have little information on lectures given before then, except for the prestigious Croome Lectures. Early ones also contain editorial and treasurer’s report.  Early treasurers all seem to have been employees, even managers, of Lloyds Bank, where our account is to this day! Most early newsletters also list the committee of the day.


Newsletter 21 May 1979 24pp+cover F8

• Gloucester Records Office – Brian Smith  

• John Keble: Early days at Southrop, 1823 – A.P. Ledger  

• The town recaptured– D.A.D  • Cirencester Excavations 1978 

• Tribute to H.J.Clappen – Mr Jackson 


Newsletter 20 May 1978 16pp+cover F8

• Visit to Dyer Street House 

• Bagendon and Elsie Clifford: I sat at the feet – Joyce Barker  

• Obituary: Ruth Waddington – JB 


Newsletter 19 May 1977 16pp+cover F8

• On the track of an ancient Road – Leighton & Elizabeth Bishop  

• Baron Cirencester – D.A.D.  

• Cirencester Excavations 1976 – Alan McWhirr  


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 18 June 1976 28pp+cover F8

 • President’s Address on the Society’s 21st birthday – David Verey “The Society extends hearty congratulations to two committee members on marriage during the year :- Mr David Viner to Miss Linda Bunce on 18th October 1975 and Mr Alan Welsford to Miss Jean Allen on 29th May 1976” 

• Australia and Emigration [adverts and letters from local papers] – Mary Palser 

• The Beecham Family: Cirencester and Australia – AF Beecham  

• Cirencester Excavations 1975 – Alan McWhirr


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 17 June 1975 20pp+cover F8

The Library of St. Mary’s Abbey, Cirencester  – Alan Welsford

• The Abbey’s Possessions in Berkshire –  Anthony Denning 

• Traces of the Abbey of St. Mary at Cirencester still to be seen – Clericus Noster 

• Indexing of the Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard  – Joyce Barker [This task took from 1968-75 onto index cards – See also Newsletter 56 for an update after 37 years! ]

• Cirencester Excavations 1974 – Alan McWhirr 


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 16 June 1974 18pp+cover F8

• The Sad Story of the Reverend Samuel Johnson; or Storm in a Cirencester Teacup – RW Jennings 

• The Royal Coats of Arms in the Parish church [Charles II and George II] 

• Cirencester Excavations 1973 – Alan McWhirr 

• The Late Rev R Elphick, obituary – Joyce Barker [honoured with FSA 1974]


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 15 June 1973 20pp+cover F8

• The Non-Roman Museum – Yvonne Perrot 

• The Early Days of the Society – Muriel Holland 

• Excavations 1972 – Alan McWhirr 

• Further Excavations at Prices Row – David Viner 

• Museum history Part Three: 1938-1973 – John Real


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 14 June 1972 20pp+cover F8 

• Early Theatricals at Cirencester – Anthony Denning 

• Museum History in Cirencester Part Two: 1879-1938 – Joyce Barker 

• Romans Lived it Up in Old Britain – Vancouver Sun July 1971 

• That Opulent Town and the Iron Duke – Anthony Denning 

• Excavations 1971 – Alan McWhirr


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 13 June 1971 15pp+cover F8 

• Living History [May Cambray] – Beryl James 

• Thoughts on Fame [Sir William Llewellyn d.1941] – Joyce Barker 

• Cirencester Excavations 1970 – Alan McWhirr 

• Museum History in Cirencester Part one: Early Curators of the Bathurst Museum – MMWP


Annual Report and Newsletter No. 12 May 1970 14pp+cover F8 

• Not Angles but Angels – Richard Reece 

• Excavations at Cirencester 1969 

• A house and its owners No.33 Dyer Street – Marjorie Klitz