Other War Memorials to Cirencester People

There are two memorials inside Cirencester Parish Church, one for old members of the Church Lads Brigade  [IWM 20703] who died in WW1, with a surprising 42 names,  and one for Lt R E Westmacott RN [IWM 20704] who died in WW2.

In St Georges Chapel at the Royal Agricultural University is a memorial to Lt SWP Vereker who died in the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879. 

More well known is the memorial to Major EJ Bannatyne [IWM 45136] who died in WW1. The memorial is an oak staircase in the Cirencester Memorial Hospital that CDC keeps wanting to convert into a carpark. 

There is a memorial in the Bingham Hall to ex-pupils of Cirencester Grammar School.

Memorial at the old

Oakley Hall School

We are aware that there are war memorials to ex pupils of Oakley Hall School in its chapel, which is listed [Now a private dwelling]. Some or all of these we now understand have been transferred to the care of the Letts family (Last owners of the school). A stone tablet with the names of all past pupils who perished has recently been erected on a wall in public view at the entrance to the old Chapel. As a boarding school, few of these pupils had other Cirencester connections. Are there other relevant memorials that you know of?