Planning & Development matters —

a policy statement

The Society was founded in 1955 in response to locally expressed anxiety that building sites and other development in and around the town should be monitored to ensure that “nothing of historical interest should be unwittingly destroyed” and that records should be made of any discoveries.


This was in response to the many changes going on in Cirencester at that time. Nearly 50 years on, the protection of designated and recognised archaeological sites and the requirement to consider archaeological and historical implications in development proposals have advanced dramatically, and the picture is now rather different.


However vigilance is still a basic requirement and the Society’s original role of watchman and guardian remains as valid today as it was originally, although to be expressed now in a rather different environment. There is also a much stronger acceptance of and commitment to the community value of archaeology and historic buildings.


This policy statement is intended to set out the Society’s role at the beginning of the 21″ century, and specifically to clarify its input into the planning process as well as generally to the whole process of consultation on development matters in and around Cirencester.

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The Society WILL :

seek to become a recognised consultee of the Local Planning Authority on matters of archaeological and historical significance in and around -the Cirencester district;

join forces with the existing consultation meeting arrangements established via Cirencester Town Council and the Civic Society, in order to contribute to those existing arrangements and thereby avoid duplication and additional bureaucracy;

make representations directly to the Local Planning Authority as part of this consultation process;

confine itself largely to matters of archaeological and historical relevance and not necessarily express views on wider civic or community matters;

support other similar bodies where views are also shared;

support the work of professional agencies such as Cotswold Archaeological Trust, but will not necessarily align itself with their views on any particular development issue;

Endorsed by and on behalf of Cirencester Archaeological & Historical Society 22nd January 2001.


Privacy Policy – Your Data

Cirencester Archaeological and Historical Society (CAHS) is subject to data protection regulations under UK law, which control the use of personal data.CAHS will:

• comply with the data protection laws of the UK;

• only collect personal data (name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and similar) for the purposes of the administration of the Society and its activities;

• only contact an individual by post, email or telephone if they have given their explicit permission for that method. An individual can withdraw that permission at any time by contacting the Society;

• look after the data (it is strictly confidential) and not lose it;

• allow an individual to see the data held about them, and the Society will correct it, if necessary, or if requested, the Society will delete the data;

• review data held regularly, and when no longer needed for active use the Society will either delete the data or, if a record is still needed (and the individual has not requested their record to be deleted) reduce the data held to the minimum necessary information;

• not use the data for business purposes;

• not pass on the data to a third party without explicit consent to do so;

• destroy data carefully so it cannot be accessed in future;


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