WebNote 3

by David Viner

The Snapshots of Local History series of articles in CirenScene magazine – an Index & Links.

One of the aims in setting up the WebNotes series is to provide easy links with other publication outlets for the local history of Cirencester and district. These can be in traditional print formats or via the web. So it is a pleasure to welcome the considerable output achieved over the past two years in a dedicated Snapshots of Local History series of articles published in the monthly CirenScene magazine (www.cirenscene.com).


The format is simple, an article on a specific topic, text accompanied by one or two relevant images. Each article is intended to stand alone, and where possible to have some contemporary link with present-day life in the town. Given Cirencester’s depth of history, making such links is never too difficult!


The aim here is to set up a simple link to the articles so far published in this series, from August 2020 to February 2023 inclusive, and thereafter to add new material to this link when it becomes available. This is achieved with the full support of Jan Sparrow, editor & proprietor of CirenScene, who has encouraged Snapshots throughout. Many thanks to her.


The articles are freely contributed or invited from individual writers with an interest and knowledge of their topics, under the auspices and co-ordination of the town’s two principal heritage societies, Cirencester Civic Society [CCS] and Cirencester Archaeological & Historical Society [CAHS]. CCS under John Tiffney co-ordinated that role from August 2020 until March 2022, and David and Linda Viner on behalf of CAHS have continued since then. Suggestions for contributions are always welcome, currently via [email protected]


The series was ‘badged’ under the Snapshots title as from the Oct 2020 issue, and an initial pilot in August 2020 is also included here.  Of course there have been other reports on local history matters of Cirencester in the pages of CirenScene but they are not individually listed here.


August 2020, p.42 Cirencester Town Station, a Short History John Tiffney [not currently available on the web] 


October 2020, pp.42-3 Coxwell Street [Cirencester] William Cooper [not currently available on the web] 


November 2020, pp.42-3 The White Rajahs of Sarawak and Vyner’s Close, Chesterton

Meg Blumson



December 2020, pp.42-3

Rebellion and Mystery – how the church tower was funded

Ian Thomas 


(dramatic events in the town in the early years of the 15th century)


January 2021, p.42

Civic Pride and Battles of the War Memorials in Cirencester 

Dale Hjort

https://cirenscene.com/2020/12/28/ccs-jan-20-war-memorials/(the town has six war memorials; here is part of this fascinating story)

February 2021, p.38 Snippets from ‘The Storming of Cirencester – 2 February 1643’ (new calendar) William Cooper https://cirenscene.com/



March 2021, pp.40-1 Reflections of the Bingham Legacy to Cirencester Helen Timlin (Bingham Library Trust) https://cirenscene.com/


April 2021, p.36 Cirencester Waterways

John Tiffney



May 2021, pp.42-3 Dr R. Edgar Hope-Simpson, one of the outstanding general practitioner researchers of the 20th century

John Tiffney 

CCS: Dr R Edgar Hope-Simpson


June 2021, pp.40-1Sir Peter Maxwell Davies – the Cirencester link

David Viner 

CCS: Sir Peter Maxwell-Davies

Also available as WebNote2 Here


July 2021, pp.40-1Cirencester Brewery and New Brewery Arts

John Tiffney, David Viner and Beth Alden

CCS: Cirencester Brewery and New Brewery Arts


August 2021, p.40 Cirencester Almshouses

John Tiffney

CCS: Cirencester’s Almshouses Aug 21


September 2021, p.40  The [Cirencester] Town Hall or South Porch  

John Tiffney & Deirdre Waddel



October 2021, p.40 [Canon Jocelyn], Cirencester’s Medieval Mathematician

Alan Welsford 

Not currently available on the web, but for the wider context see the author’s Scholars not Saints: Alexander Neckham and the community of Canons at the Abbey of St Mary, Cirencester in CAHS Newsletter no 63, 2017, 12pp available on a link 


November 2021, p.45 

Cirencester’s Norman Arch 

John Tiffney 

CCS: Cirencester´s Norman Arch


December 2021, p.37 Cirencester’s Watermoor Station  

Peter Stephenson & John Tiffney

Snapshots of Local History by the Civic Society – Dec 21


January 2022, p.43The History of Barton Lane Allotments, 

Cirencester Kenneth Wallington & John Tiffney

CCS: The History of Barton Lane Allotments


February 2022, p.35 Cirencester’s Canal Branch

John Tiffney

CCS Snapshots of a Local History: Cirencester’s Canal Branch Feb 22


March 2022, p.35St Thomas’s Hospital or Weavers’ Hall, Cirencester

Michael Ralston 

CCS Snapshots of Local History: Weaver’s Hall


April 2022, p.35 Cirencester’s historic street signs 

David Viner 

CCS Snapshots of Local History: Cirencester’s Historic Street Signs


May 2022, p.35Cirencester’s intriguing street names

David Viner 

https://cirenscene.com/2022/05/16/ccs-snapshots-of-local-history-cirencesters-intriguing-street-names/see also :Cirencester street name origins in alphabetical order (A to T inclusive) John Tiffney with Linda Viner



June 2022, p.36 Celebrating Holy-Days or Holidays in Cirencester

Linda & David Viner

CCS Snapshots of Local History – Celebrating Holy Days or Holidays in Cirencester


July 2022, p.36 Barn Theatre continues a long Cirencester tradition 

David Viner  



August 2022, pp.36-7Black Jack Street – what’s in a name?

David Viner

CAHS Snapshots of a Local History August 22: Black Jack Street – What’s in a Name?


September 2022, pp.36-7Black Jack Street – Trades & Traders, old & new

David Viner and Rick Martin

CAHS Snapshots of Local History: Black Jack Street – Trades and Traders, Old & New.


October 2022, pp.36-7Cirencester’s Courts of Law

David Elder 

[not currently available on the web] 


November 2022, pp.36-7Cirencester’s ‘new’ and colourful Town Crier 

David & Linda Viner 



December 2022, pp.28-9Constable of Cirencester : carriage and coach builders David Viner https://cirenscene.com/2022/11/30/cahs-snapshots-of-local-history-dec-22/ 


January 2023, pp.28-9 Edward Jenner FRS (1749-1823) : Pioneer of smallpox vaccine and father of immunology Chris Albury

CAHS Snapshots of Local History: Edward Jenner FRS (1749-1823)


February 2023, pp.28-9 Cirencester’s Secret and Hidden Places, worth £500! David Viner

CAHS Snapshots of Local History


Correct to February 2023; meanwhile the series continues ……..